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PF Return Filings

To promote the attitude of savings amongst the employees and also to benefit them during retirement a social security system of Provident fund was introduced. Contributions towards the PF are made by both the employer as well as the employee every month. The contribution made towards the PF can be only drawn by the employee only during the time of his or her employment, but there are a few exceptions .

The employers that have PF registration have to file the PF returns monthly. The PF return filings are to be completed by the 25th of each month .

The establishment employing 20 or more employees is required to obtain registration with the PF department within 30 days of reaching that number. This number is irrespective of salary.


  • Certificate of Incorporation

  • PAN Card

  • Cancelled Cheque

  • Address proof of establishment

  • Specimen Signature

  • Digital Signature

  • PAN, ID and Address Proof

  • Employee declaration .

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