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Incorporation of Companies / LLP

Incorporation of Companies

Incorporation of a company refers to the setting up of a company according to the provisions laid out in the Companies Act of 2013 .

Following are the list of documents required for Incorporating the Company:

  • Copies of PAN card, Aadhar Card, Passport of all the Promoters. For foreign subscriber, Passport is a mandatorily required as a proof of identity.

  • Proof of Identity of all the Promoter Directors - Like Voter ID/ Passport/ Driving License and National ID Card

  • Address proofs of all the Promoters (Like Bank Statement, Electricity Bill, Mobile Bill not older than two months)

  • Duration of stay at the Present Residential address.

  • Occupation, Educational Qualification of the Promoters.

  • We shall incorporate with the Correspondence Address. After Incorporation shall File Form INC-22 within 30 days for Registered Office to avoid prolonged process.

  • If Correspondence address is given –copy of utility bills like Electricity Bill, Telephone Bill not older than 2 month is required

  • Mobile Number and E- Mail id of Promoter Directors

  • E- Mail Id and Telephone number to be used by the Company.

  • NOTE: Address mentioned in all the proofs of the Promoters should be the same.

Incorporation of Limited Liability Partnership(LLP)

The concept of the Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) was introduced in India in 2008. An LLP has the characteristics of both the partnership firm and company. The Limited liability Partnership Act, 2008 regulates the LLP in India. Minimum two partners are required to incorporate an LLP. However, there is no upper limit on the maximum number of partners of an LLP.

Among the partners, there should be a minimum of two designated partners who shall be individuals, and at least one of them should be resident in India. The rights and duties of designated partners are governed by the LLP agreement. They are directly responsible for the compliance of all the provisions of the LLP Act, 2008 and provisions specified in the LLP agreement.

Following are the list of documents required for Incorporating the LLP:

  • ID proof of the Partners (PAN, Aadhar Card, Passport)

  • Total Contribution of LLP and the proportion of contribution by the Partners

  • Detailed Objects of the LLP

  • Utility bill for the registered office of the LLP (Not older than 2 months)

  • Proof of ownership along with NOC of the owner

  • Address Proof of Partners {Bank Statement/Electricity Bill/Telephone bill/ Mobile Bill (not later than 2 months}

  • Passport size pictures of Partners

  • DSC of Partners

  • Mobile No. and Email id of Partners

  • Provide DIN if already have of Partners

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