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ESI Return Filings

ESI or Employee State Insurance Scheme is a social welfare scheme curated for the well-being of the employees. This multi-dimensional security scheme provides socio-economic protection for the employees in the organised sector .

The scheme acts as financial assistance to the employee at the times he or she had to abstain from work due to maternity, sickness or any sort of employment injury. It is essential to file the returns concerning ESI on a compulsory basis as declared by the respective authority.


  • The Insured Person number or IP Number.

  • The name of the employee

  • The salary is drawn by the employee

  • Number of days they have worked

  • Register of wages

  • Inspection book .

ESI return has to be mandatorily filed by anyone who has taken an ESI registration and those eligible to register under the ESI scheme are as follows:

  • When a company or an establishment have 10 or more employees.

  • An employee who has a salary of less than Rs. 21,000.

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