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Drafting Various Contracts

A legally binding agreement that is signed by both parties and that is either written or oral, is a contract. Sales Agreement, employment contracts, real estate purchase contracts, confidentiality agreements, insurance contracts or finders agreements, etc. are all examples of Contracts. Contracts are the establishments of a business and establishing a business without putting terms of business on record can land you in disputes, even though a lot of hard work is put into it.

The process of writing out the terms and conditions (details) of a contract, in order to highlight the legal obligations of the two parties, so as the terms of the agreement are fully understood by them, is called drafting of a contract. It also makes sure that the parties understand their respective duties towards one another. To draft a reliable and secure contract, an attorney is needed, especially in the case of complex contracts. The general objective of drafting a contract is to guarantee that each party completely comprehends the terms and conditions in the agreement. Along these lines, the individual drafting the contract should use clear and straightforward language, however much as could be expected.

We assist in analyzing your drafts, preparing standard templates, recognizing the variables relevant to a contract, and creating a checklist of “clauses”, that may be helpful in conveying the different specifications of each agreement. We provide our clients with end-to-end solutions and all necessary support in a timely manner, in order to follow the legal formalities to start their business operations or conclude deals and also make sure that their business interests are safeguarded.

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